In Press – Putting them together with a touch of passion and excitement would be the most essential key to maximize the outcome.

By Linda Sudarsono

Batik we call it “ batik tulis” has become Indonesia’s pride work of art for Indonesia’s Fashion Industry with great culture value.

It is now part of today’s modern living and dynamic metropolitan lifestyle not only for Indonesia but also in part of other countries.

BATIQUE by Linda Sudarsono is inspired by the vibrant and fashionable generations; presents a creative and contemporary wear of Indonesian high culture “ Batik Tulis” from Lasem, Yogyakarta and Cirebon.

Since its commencement in 2010, Batique have created various kinds of batik apparel for many occasions including formal attire and daily casual wear. BATIQUE provides not only female clothes but also male and children for all ages.

To create a good looking and fashionableoutfit we should start with material details, especially pattern and color match.  Putting them together with a touch of passion and excitement would be the most essential key to maximize the outcome said Linda. We select only superior quality Batik Tulis with complementary pattern design to make from.

Sudarsono, who previously studied business management at Trisakti University, has been interested in Batik Tulis for quite some time. It took her awhile before she started the business to research and to study the growing trend of Batik Tulis as an influential element in Indonesia fashion design.

Exhibition of BATIQUE Brand Collections has been held in Jakarta prominent locations together with upcoming abroad shows to follow.

With wide variety collections and numbers of portfolios BATIQUE Brand has gained trust from its clientele in various circles who adore Harmony and Quality.

BATIQUE Brand holds a vision to make the Indonesian Batik Tulis be the foremost in the world’s fashion Industry.

With its ever-growing development BATIQUE constantly strives to be one of trendsetter brand in creating a fine Batik fashion shown by Brand Commitment and passion.


Jl.Terusan Hang Lekir II/W-25

Jakarta – Indonesia

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